Knowing yourself and your market are the first steps in choosing the right coffee roaster. Now let’s dig deeper and help you make the most informed decision possible…

If you have a marketing plan and have identified how many hours a day or week you plan to invest in your coffee roasting business you’re close to being able to chose the right size of coffee roaster for your needs. Bigger is not necessarily better for some business models. If you’re doing custom roasting for individuals the Artisan 3e would work better than the Artisan 9. It’s easier to roast small loads on the 3e and the roast times for small loads are the same.

If you plan to wholesale larger quantities of coffee you might outgrow the 3e in a hurry! Remember, as a rule of thumb, wholesaling is about half the profit per hour as retailing so it takes twice as much volume to make the same profit. On the other hand if you only want to invest 1 hour per day roasting and want to sell 50 lbs per day the Artisan 9 would be a good choice.

Take some time to play with the income calculator we provide you on this site. Use 15 lbs per hour of finished product for the Artisan 3e and 45 lbs per hour of finished product for the Artisan 9. This will give you a good idea of how much you can make with each machine in the time you have to invest in your roasting business!