Not all marketing plans work for everyone. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses up front can help you choose a marketing plan that works best for you.

If you’re a social extrovert, selling retail to individuals might be a good plan for you. For you, approaching a lot of people is not only easy but something you enjoy. Start with your friends on social media and your social circle and watch your business grow. This retail approach brings the highest per pound profits and will make you more money per hour of roasting.

The logic behind retail for social extroverts is the ability to gain energy as you expand your customer base with individuals. This might seem like an obvious approach to selling coffee but not if you’re introvert! If I say you can expect 2 orders for every 10 people you talk to, you immediately calculate how much you will sell if you talk to 100 people!

If you’re an introvert, the thought of having to talk to hundreds of people might not sound like fun. You might consider the wholesale approach where you sell more per customer even though the per pound profit is less. This can include selling to coffee shops, restaurants and grocery stores. You can increase your profits by selling to friends and family and blend your wholesale/retail profits for an overall boost in profit per hour roasting.

The logic behind wholesale for introverts is in the energy they need to extend per sale acquired. An extrovert will gain energy with expanding social contact, whereas an introvert will lose energy. If I tell an introvert they can expect 2 orders for every 10 people they talk to, they don’t think about the 2 orders. They worry about the 8 rejections! Introverts can be the most proficient in gaining and maintaining long-term accounts.

Regardless of what marketing plan you choose, take some time to think about how your plan will feel. A marketing plan that you enjoy is much more likely to succeed!